Baby Yoga classes are not currently running due to the demands of a young family!

Please click here for alternative classes.


Yoga is a great tool to have as part of your every day life so teach your baby the benefits of yoga from an early age, including enjoying a deep relaxation together. Through baby yoga you can learn different ways to handle and interact with your baby using various moves for both baby and for mum to a variety of songs and rhymes. These will help to build your confidence and can become part of your day to day life with your baby.


Stimulates the senses through touch, movement and rhythm


Develops flexibility and physical strength 


Helps development of the brain and nervous system 


Builds confidence in the handling of babies 


Aids digestion and improves sleep patterns


Gives you the chance to spend quality time with your baby


Helps mum to regain strength and maintain posture 


Tones mums abdominal muscles and pelvic floor


Release tensions built up in moms back and shoulders 


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