Why babycarrying consultancy ?


I hear too many stories of parents being put off carrying their babies. It is sometimes due to slings that they found difficult to master or don't feel confident using, other times they have found their carrier of choice uncomfortable or unsupportive, especially as baby gets heavier or they simply have not known where to start, overwhelmed by the choices of carriers/slings available on the market.  


Carriers and slings are a brilliant parenting tool, but there can be risks if certain safety guidelines are not followed. Research is being constantly updated to ensure that we carry our babies safely and in the optimum position to ensure healthy development of the spine and hips- crucial for baby’s health. This information is not always readily available to parents.


A babycarrying consultant can give you the tools and competency to carry your baby safely and comfortably and help you find the right type of carrier for you, so you can get most out of this wonderful addition to your family life.


What do you learn ?


Consultations can be tailored to your needs and what you want to learn. They can include:


Learning about safety


Learning how to use your carrier of choice


Learning about the correct physiological position and why it's important


Discussing, demoing and trying various carriers to help you decide which carrier is right for you


What do I offer ?


One to One consultations, which can to tailored to suit your own individual needs. My overall aim at the end of every consultation is that parents will leave with the tools and competency to carry their little ones safely. Walking away feeling inspired to practice and master this art, bringing it into their everyday family life.


Group consultations can be arranged, although it is advised that your requirements and the ages of your babies are similar.


Workshops, I run a range of workshops from An Introduction to Babycarrying to get you started on your carrying journey to learning more advance skills like back carryng.


Click here for details on prices and further information on what I offer.



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