What is Babywearing/Babycarrying?


It simply refers to carrying your little one in a sling, carrier or a simple piece of cloth. There are a huge variety of carriers to choose from to suit your own unique needs. Babywearing is a great parenting tool for any parent which can be used as little or as much as you want, depending on your family life.


Why carry your little one using a sling or carrier?


Parents have been carrying their little ones since the beginning of time as essentially it is a practical way of going about our daily work whilst looking after our little ones but the benefits do not stop there. Carrying your little one helps your baby’s physical, emotional and cognitive development, as well as enhancing your relationship and communication with them. It can be an intrinsic part of your day, from replacing the pram, to simply a handy tool for those times when your little one will not be put down. 


Babies are designed to be carried and want to be held, welcome them to the world by embracing them close to you and helping their transition from womb to world, whilst giving yourself a little more freedom.

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